Post-Action destruction, ‘Islamic Centre’ Canberra Start Picking up toys

Residents interfaith around Canberra Islamic Centre, worked together to clean the rest of the destruction that occurred last weekend. Islamic center is located in the southern part of Canberra was marred on Sunday (13/4) last week.

Vandalism is the destruction of the weekend second in the last two weeks. Police are investigating this incident and the suspect, two destruction that occurred connected to each other.

President of the Canberra Islamic Centre, Azra Khan, said many of those who joined mutual aid can not believe that the vandalism occurred in Canberra.
"When they see themselves for the first time, there is to cry," she said, not long ago.

Azra expressed, assault last week is a form of hatred.
"This is a job destroyer, but if we reflect, this incident is a form of terrorism and I think we deserve to think so," he explained.

Members of Parliament origin Canberra, Gai Brodtmann, said Canberra residents actually have no tolerance for such events.

"We can not accept it, there is no place for such acts in society, in our community, and the citizens of Canberra today has sent an important message for this incident," he said earnestly.

Azra Khan added, the attack failed because the Muslim community there is getting close and compact and has given generous support to understand other people outside of their community.

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This activity center to accommodate Muslim activities in Canberra, ranging from holding religious prayers, Islamic education, cultural events and religious gatherings among local Muslims.


HNW : PKS No Doubt Shape Axle Islamic Party

Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) was never in doubt form the axis coalition of Islamic political parties . PKS politician Hidayat Nur Wahid stated , this is a Muslim aspirations .

" We at MCC never hesitated to make the shaft because the Muslim aspirations . Whereas will be held or not , it later proved , " said Hidayat Nur Wahid in a discussion titled " New Coalition Hesitates " at Warung Daun , Cikini , Jakarta , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

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Hidayat said , ketidakraguan Islamic PKS party to form a coalition statement based mass organizations and Muslims who desire the establishment of the shaft , which can accommodate Islamic parties in order to nominate presidential and vice presidential itself .

" Islamic organizations aspirations that they want Islam to unite the party , giving alternative -vice presidential candidate , because the Islamic party vote totals combined reach 32 percent , " said Hidayat .

Hidayat said , in a meeting of Islamic leaders and politicians in Cikini , Thursday, April 17, 2014 and there is no agreement what the name of the coalition of Islamic parties . But he insisted the coalition was not an attempt dichotomy that a group of other groups .

" It is not responsible if this group is built for the dichotomy , " said Hidayat .


Candidates ’ Flower Lawu ’ anxious

Some of the artists who run for legislators by the Regional Electoral ( electoral district ) V Central Java still anxiously awaiting the results of the vote count . The constituency includes the Surakarta , Sukoharjo , Klaten , and Boyolali .

One of the artists who run for the House of Representatives is Murti Sari Dewi advanced from Gerindra. Murti is an artist whose name is never soar with Saur Sepuh feature films . In the film acts as a consideration Lasmini Murti .

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"To date we are still awaiting the final results of the vote count , " said team coordinator pemenangannya , Educate Riyanto , Friday 18 April 2014 . Didik said that the monitoring is done Murti successfully gets the most votes in the second Gerindra contesting in the constituencies . Obtaining his voice was lost with fellow party colleague , Bambang Riyanto a former Regent Sukoharjo .

During this highly rely Murti Surakarta as voice sac . He several times blusukan to traditional markets and villages for campaigning . During the campaign , he often wore costumes worn Lasmini Saur Sepuh of the movie .

He also wore the costume in the photo used in the campaign props . One of the tricks in the campaign was held to watch a movie together titled Flower Saur Sepuh Lawu . ( Read : Unknown, Candidates , Citizens Select Artists and Kiai )

Now that he is just waiting for the seat of the House of Representatives for Gerindra of the constituency . Gerindra it is hoped to contribute two- seat constituency of Central Java V . ” If it could be two seats then Murti still likely to qualify , ” he said . ( Read : Sound Small PKPI , Camel Lightning Stress )

Another artist who advanced through the constituency is Angel Lelga . Until now, the artist who advanced through the United Development Party was also not have certainty about the outcome of the vote . ” We still do a recap of the vote , ” said Chairman of the United Development Party Surakarta , Arif Sahudi .

According to him , the United Development Party vote totals collected from the electoral district of Central Java V reaches 70 thousand votes. Party get sound evenly in three counties and one city in the electoral district . ” If the PPP can get a seat , then Angel Lelga can get away , ” he said . Therefore , based on the observation that he did Angel Lelga obtain the greatest voice of the PPP candidates than others .

Five years ago , the PPP in the electoral district of Central Java V failed to place representatives in the House of Representatives . When the PPP also rely candidates are well known society , Icuk Sugiarto . ” We hope that this election could be a chair , ” said Arif .

In addition to these two artists , there is still one other artist who ran the same electoral district . The artist is Theodora Meiliani Setyawati or better known as Tia AFI . He is the winner of Indosiar Fantasy Academy in 2004 . ‘s Just that , Tia could not be reached for securing voice in legislative elections yesterday .


Jimly: More Confusion for the 2014 election Proportional System Open

Honorary Chairman of the Board of Election ( DKPP ) Jimly Asshiddiqie rate, the confusion that occurred in the 2014 general elections because of the proportional system is open . This confusion led to the assessment that the organization of the 2014 election is worse than the 2009 elections .

" We ‘ve received reports from Sabang to Merauke, many problems occur . Much also assess why now more chaotic election huh ? ‘s Because we use a proportional system is open or a majority vote , " adding , in DKPP Office , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 17 / 4/2014 ) .

He said , in this election , there are 12 political parties contesting the election with 180 thousand legislative candidates competing for seats in the DPR and DPRD . According to him , the competition has become very intense as arena battles not only between parties , but individuals are also candidates .

" Those efforts for the benefit of their own , separated from his party . Fraud such as money politics so prevalent everywhere . Incidentally communities is also happy and prepare to receive , " he explained .

Jimly said , the practice of money politics by buying the votes is the real thing . Based on information received DKPP , voters were given the money to the value of Rp 10,000 to Rp 20,000 .

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" People have considered the usual things like that . Organizer already know the symptoms , " he said .


Farmers Save Sabu Arrested

Police ranks Musirawas District , South Sumatra , managed to secure a village farmer source work , known as the District of North Musirawas save as much as 0.4 grams of methamphetamine .

Farmer named HP ( 23 ) was known to store methamphetamine after receiving reports from the public and the officers immediately conducted an investigation , police chief Resort ( Police ) Musirawas AKBP Chaidir Wednesday .

When officers menggeleda suspect’s house on Monday ( 14/4 ) at around 21:00 pm found three packages of methamphetamine weighing 0.4 grams in the wardrobe .

After receiving new evidence that the suspect getting out of bed immediately secured and taken to police headquarters following Musirawas the evidence .

Now the suspect is being processed ranks of the Police Narcotics Unit , to look for other players who also have the methamphetamine drug types .

He said that drug trafficking is the type of methamphetamine is now extended to rural communities including gambling toto kind of dark ( toggle ) . ” We are gradually but certainly stir to suppress users and users of illicit goods , so there is only weeks captured officers in the field , ” he said .

Target area drug trafficking methamphetamine types that are already focused in rural areas and even the children of students , so the crime rate continues to rise .

However, the distribution chain will be terminated by lowering the intelligence to the field in large quantities and plainclothes .

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Besides using the public network and the public is always encouraged to report any suspicion or looks straight people use illicit goods , he said .


Turns Right, Cheating Android iPhone

CALIFORNIA - Steve Jobs once said that during his lifetime , that Android is the mobile operating system iOS trace on the iPhone . And it turns out , according to a leaked document , it looks to follow the Android operating system the Apple genius , Jobs .

Back in 2007, when Apple released the first flagship phone , the iPhone , Android was already making its own phones . It was recognized by Andy Rubin , who once said , ” Before the iPhone was released , we ‘ve created the first Android phone . ‘s Just still far from perfect , “

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Rubin felt inferior to the launch of the first iPhone by Jobs . Therefore, the author of the Android OS phones discouraged to show off his creation , but rather chose to develop a better cell phone . You know , at that time , Android phones not use the touch screen feature .

Based on a document called Android Software Functional Requirements , dated July 6, 2006 , the secret was revealed . In 2006 , Android has been created . But it’s the first phone to use Qwerty keyboard and various functional buttons such as the BlackBerry device , the mobile phone was glorious - prime time .

In the document sheets are points that emphasize that no Android phone features a touch screen as it is today . ” ( feature ) The touch screen will not support , ” wrote Google in 2006 at the Android specification documents .

" This product is designed with discrete physical presence as a key assumption . However , there are fundamental in product architecture that prevents touch support in the future , " according to the first details about the Android phones .

However, the information changed on the next record . ” Touch screen technology for navigation using the fingers , including the multi- touch capabilities , is needed . Navigation using a stylus is not given , ” the statement written on a document dated 10 November 2007 . Document is created after nearly five months since the debut of Apple’s iPhone was introduced to the public . Jobs , the master creator of the iPhone , the iPhone launches pride on June 29, 2007 .

In both documents the difference is clearly visible , that the change of the first Android phone looks very significantly after Apple launched its first iPhone smart phone . Similarly, as reported by PhoneArena , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .


Documents leaked U.S. intelligence Wins Pulitzer

NEW YORK - leaked intelligence documents the United States ( U.S. ) Edward Snowden won the prestigious award , the Pulitzer . Snowden received an award in the category of public service .

The award was announced on Monday, April 14th, 2014 and is the highest award in the field of journalism in America . Data unfolding Intelligence NSA wiretapping by Snowden , sparked outrage from U.S. officials .

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Unfolding tapping it raises debate over violations of personal rights of citizens by the NSA . This forced U.S. President Barack Obama to take action to limit the intelligence reconnaissance work . So reported the Associated Press , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

In addition to Snowden , Pulitzer also given to the British media The Guardian and The Washington Post is publishing the NSA intercepts the data from documents owned by Snowden .

Prism events and news about Myriad and other surveillance activities have opened the eyes of the U.S. intelligence work . The Guardian journalist , Glenn Greenwald writes directly about wiretapping conducted by the NSA.

Greenwald directly cooperate with Snowden and opening dozens wiretapping program conducted by the U.S. intelligence agencies . Together with other colleagues , Greenwald opened many cases wiretapping , including wiretapping of U.S. citizens and heads of state from the land of Uncle Sam’s allies .

While Laura Poitras representing The Washington Post in the unfolding Snowden document . Along with Greenwald , Poitras has access to confidential documents that rocked the world of U.S. intelligence .

Snowden is currently still in flight. Him get asylum from Russia , after escaping from the U.S. .


MCC wins the Civil War in Central Syria

Increasingly smoldering civil war in Syria does not inhibit the citizen of Indonesia ( WNI ) that still survive in the turbulent state to use the right to vote in the 2014 legislative elections . On the country ‘s conflict , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) won the most votes .

" MCC won the most votes in the Electoral Committee of Foreign Affairs in Syria with the acquisition of 68.6 percent of the total valid votes , " said Head of Social Affairs Information and Culture ( Information and Culture ) Embassy in Damascus , Dody Dwiwanto Ansar were contacted from Cairo , Saturday ( 12/4 ) .

Dody explained , the number of voters turn out to vote as many as 272 people , one voice declared invalid . Mentioned , MCC gained 186 votes, followed by the Democrats 39 votes , followed by PPP 13 votes , 10 votes Golkar , PKB eight , seven PDIP , PAN four , Hanura and the UN each of the two voices .

As for the three other parties , Gerindra , NasDem and PKPI not get sound . According to Dody , vote counting conducted on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 in conjunction with the elections in the country .

Ambassador to Syria , Wahib Abdul Jawad expressed gratitude to the organizers PPLN and Group Voting Abroad ( KPPSLN ) over pileg success in the turbulent country . ” PPLN and KPPSLN properly carry out their duties in spite of the unfavorable security and stability , ” said Mr Wahib .

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Election which was held in the Embassy in Damascus took place on April 3, from 9 a.m. to 16:00 pm local time . The election went smoothly since the establishment of the Embassy PPLN last year until the vote count .


Mafia boss Suffer Neurological Pathology

A former inmate and Mafia boss , Bernardo Provenzano Sicily was rushed to a hospital in Milan from a high-security prison . He was rushed to the hospital after suffering ” neurological pathology , ” according to a media in Italy on Wednesday .

81 -year -old man who was arrested in 2006 after 40 years of running away from the authorities . During his escape , he communicates with his subordinates through many intermediaries .

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Provenzano extended detention last month in Italy after the Supreme Court last week rejected his lawyers appeal submissions . Provenzano lawyers appeal because his client was considered old and sickly .

" For the umpteenth time , relatives and his lawyer knew about Provenzano news from the media , " said his lawyer , Rosalba Di Gregorio .

The mob boss nicknamed ” The Tractor ” for stubbornness and violence that often he did . Provenzano became the leader of the group Cosa Nostra , after his predecessor was arrested in 1993 .

Provenzano is the most wanted man in Italy for many years and was arrested at a farmhouse near Corleone in the Palermo region posted in 2006 .


Keen Pigeons, Russian and Chinese Investors Meet GOI

The government is waiting for the two potential investors who are interested to woo PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines, which now was dying , one of which is the Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation , a Chinese state-owned aircraft manufacturer .

" Russia , China to meet me . They co-operation with Merpati please . Carry plane , please . Want to buy please . Shape cooperation what ‘s up , " said Deputy Restructuring and Strategic Planning Ministry of Enterprise , Wahyu Hidayat , met after the meeting of leaders of SOEs in Pertamina Headquarters , Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

However, when asked about which ones are most likely to be chosen from two potential investors , Revelation did not know for sure . He also emphasized no decision when the target of both will be accepted by the Indonesian government . ” They are both right behind the first . Xi’an his right SOE China , he was back to his country first report to the Ministry of Enterprise , ” said Wahyu .

Regardless of the decision to wait two potential investors , Revelation ensure Merpati restructuring is still running , despite Yudhoyono administration ended and changed . ” Clearly the government not want to inject more funds , ” he concluded .

Previously , Xi’an SOE Ministry reportedly sent an official letter , the contents of which essentially interested in Pigeons . Similarly, Sukhoi , Russia . SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan , said some time ago , will soon hold a meeting to discuss the issue .

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" Patterns of cooperation must be clarified , could enter with an investment Xi’an increase the number of aircraft . Including operation problems , " he said .